Public stratum 2 NTP & Roughtime server in Toronto Canada.

• Server Stratum:Stratum Two
• Hostname:time.0xt.ca
• IPv4 Address:
• IPv6 Address:2600:3c04::f03c:92ff:fe41:5a9c
• Use DNS:Yes
• Pool Member:Yes (monitoring)
• Server Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
• Network:AS63949 Linode
• Synchronization:NTP V4 secondary (stratum 2)
• Service Area:Worldwide
• Access Policy:Open Access
• Server Contact:Tanner Ryan

Roughtime Service

This server also provides secure Roughtime service. It is monitored and maintained at the same service level as the NTP service provided. The time is synchronized with stratum 1 upstreams.


ED25519 Public Key:
The public key may also be fetched by performing a DNS TXT request to time.0xt.ca.
$ dig TXT time.0xt.ca +short

Here is a valid ecosystem.json file to use Roughtime provided by this server.

  "servers": [
      "name": "time.0xt.ca",
      "publicKeyType": "ed25519",
      "publicKey": "iBVjxg/1j7y1+kQUTBYdTabxCppesU/07D4PMDJk2WA=",
      "addresses": [
          "protocol": "udp",
          "address": "time.0xt.ca:2002"

Multiple servers are recommended. Here is a community contributed list provided by Cloudflare.

Upstream Providers

I would like to thank all of the NTP upstreams that keep Caesium ticking (literally):

I would also like to thank Linode for providing rock solid hosting and network connectivity.